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25 December 2014 - New Zealand Zenbu hotspot pricing changes.

Hi everyone,

Just quickly placing a little something in the Christmas stockings.

What is that you may ask?
Well... simply, more data for less $.

We've halved our prices!  Now you get more bang for your buck when purchasing credit online via the Zenbu website.

Prior to this change, credit purchased online at all New Zealand and Cook Islands hotspots cost 10 cents per MegaByte used.
...Now, at all New Zealand hotspots which are not satellite based, the price is 5 cents per MegaByte.

The change took effect at 00:00 AM, Thursday, December 25, 2014 NZDT (GMT+13) and applies to any internet connections activated after this time.

(So, for those of you who have already purchased credit on our website... you should notice your remaining data has doubled at applicable hotspots. For everyone else, all the more reason to purchase some credit!)

Have a great day and a happy, safe holiday period. Merry Christmas!


The Zenbu Team
Published: 25 December 2014
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